VALVES - Ololiuqui

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Valves - SZ 052 EFA 52052-2

The long silence before Ololiuqui´s second album is finally broken. Spirit Zone´s upstart-act is back! "Valves" encapsulates Ololiuqui´s trademark style - quirky grooves and cheeky basslines, turbo -charged by a minimal beat.
The nine tracks on this album range from mid-to up-tempo groovers, initiating the Spirit Zone label studio with its first production. The opening track "Djara" features persuccion by Star Sound Orchestra´s cosmic gong artist Jens Zygar. The atmospheric ethereal morning-sound of "Panthograph" (track 4) or "Correlate" (track 6) exposes a.m. Synaptic´s feel for uplifting, progessive, trance music.
Continuing with a truly cosmic vocal flavour is "Activate Chi" (track 7). The two co-productions of the album pay tribute to the classic Ololiuqui style. "Del Rio" will remind many of much great "mumbo-jumbo", having been a single release and also on the highly acclaimed 'Global Psychedelic Trance Vol. 4'.
Destined to become another favourite, the previously unreleased 'Static' bursts with playfulness, more cheeky and exciting than an overdose of Viagra. With all tracks in perspective, the album features a musical mix that is easy to pick up on and tune in to. Ololiuqui's immaculate production addes new diversity and life to the "Hamburg Sound".

Tracklist: 1. Djara, 2. Static, 3. Valves, 4. Pantograph, 5. Del Rio, 6. Correlate, 7. Activate Chi, 8. Supply, 9. Backline

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