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The project "OLOLIUQUI" was foundet in summer 1996 by

Volker König, aka "am Synaptic" an Oliver Elschenbroich

in Hamburg/Germany.

Both artist have been released several tracks on CD and Vinyl under the names of "Solaris", "Neuwerk" and "a.m. Synaptic" on Label like Tunnel Records, Euro Media and SPIRIT ZONE.

Their musical roots are Rock, Blues and Reggae - but already 1984 they started with Electronic music, playing keyboards for bands as HH-Style, Neuwerk, Factor and Tranceformation.

Touring Germany and Austria they have been playing live at many concerts, open airs and clubevents.

Ther unique style is a mixture of purist german techno, -using psychedelic sounds and effects to create "Psychedelic trance".

This music tries not to copy, -but to present an own, authentic style of sound - enlarching the spectrum of the trance scene.


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