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Reverse Engineering - SZ 121 EFA 52121-2

Being one of Hamburg's very own electronica pioneers, Volker Koenig aka Ololiuqui is an integral part of the trance producer community. His involvement during the 80s with ground breaking local acts such as HH-Style or Neuwerk make him one of Germany's most experienced trance musicians.
'Reverse Engineering' is Ololiuqui's 3rd album after the acts' formation in 1996. Each album has consecutively brought him closer to his musical roots, in effect conjuring a melange of trance beats with an essence of the defining 1980's disco-pop era and more exotic flavours.
Featuring consistently uplifting morning trance, 'Reverse Engineering' beckons a psychedelic fusion of funk trance, infused with catchy pop and reggae riffs, that are well thought out and one never tires of listening to. This inherently explains Ololiuqui 's bi-annual production cycle - good music in a wholesome package takes time to put together. Loaded with body and soul stimulating highlights varying from trance bells themes to finger lickin' slap bass plucks and 80's synth stabs, all mix with vocoded vox samples.'Reverse Engineering' definitely has lots of cross genre appeal that is bound to cause a lot more ripples than just goose bumps.

Tracklist: 1. Feel, 2. Reverse Engeneering, 3. Honk, 4. I can see ..., 5. Restarter, 6. Concepi, 7. Chunks, 8. The Deep, 9. Beautyful

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